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3. Street address? (include apartment if approprate)
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4. Based on the following address: (7920 ACC Blvd, Suite 300, Raleigh, NC 27617) ... how much time will it take to get to this location? (typical treatment cycle is 11 visits)
5. What is the primary phone number (include area code) to use for contact and leaving messages?
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6. Please select the most accurate response to the decision tree related to your eligibility to work in the USA, your residency, and your citizenship.
7. What is your highest level of completed education?
8. Closest description of your race. Note: Combinations of multi-racial descriptions are only in 1 menu. For example, "Black and Latin/Hispanic" is not listed in "Latin/Hispanic and Black" since they are the same.
If any racial descriptions include "Other", please explain.
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10. Height
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12. Please answer the following decision tree related to smoking habits (including any form of nicotine products, including e-cigarettes).
13. Please select the most appropriate answers for tattoos, acupuncture and body piercings.
Piercing How Many? Most Recent? Sterile Needles? Most Recent Performed by?
Please provide locations of tattoos and piercings.
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