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Online + Secure + Cloud Base + Customized

Our Service is used by:

Egg Donation
Egg Banks
Embryo Adoption
FertilityInc, Ltd.

Our Service Provides

  Customized Design
  Runs through your website
  Server Security on our side

  No need for IT person
  No coder for upgrade
  No need for expensive hosting

About The Service

The Major Benefits of Our Service

1 HIPAA Compliant hosting of application information

2 Customized application and processes by customer

3 No IT personnel required for application or process updates

4 Works through your site so donors and recipients contact you, not us

5 We do the heavy lifting of security, hosting and database management

6 Streamline workflow for efficiency, consistency, accuracy and teamwork

Our Service Eliminates the need for:

1 Your own HIPAA Compliant hosting of application information

2 IT personnel to manage your program

3 Expensive, secure hosting for sensitive data

4 Website coders to upgrade services

5 Costly backup data and security routines

6 Extremely expensive new development solutions and maintenance

Call Us ONLY if you are a Company in need of Software: 310-982-4510  - or -  Request Your Demo Now!

Our Prices Plans

per month
or $1199 per year
  • Setup, Training, Support, HIPAA Hosting, Security, Backups, Licensing.
  • Prescreen, Overall application, Eligibility configuration, Email notification, Photo Management, and creating PDF files.
per month
or $2099 per year
  • Includes Basic, plus …
  • Recipient registration and approval process
  • Recipient password access and selection
  • Multiple Staff Users with role restrictions
  • Bulk Email services for donors and recipients
  • Custom email "From" address (your domain)
  • 3 Documents to Donor Profile (optional share)
  • Export data to Excel
  • Google Analytics, Adwords, any tracking scripts
  • Statistics & Insight
per month
or $2599 per year
  • Includes Basic and Standard, plus …
  • Frozen Egg/Embryo Module
  • Optional Private Network w/Other Customers
  • Shared/Split Donor Management
  • Single click copy to an Egg Bank customer
  • Donor to Donor Referral Program
  • Add 20 second videos to profiles

Note: If you need to have more than one program, such as Egg Donation and Gestational Carrier, for example,
whatever plan your Primary account has, is automatically applied to additional programs for just $999/year or $99/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone else see my donors?
Absolutely not. Your donors and their information belong to you. We do not provide access to anyone outside of your company. We don't provide password information or access to donors or recipients. We do not use donor or account information to for any other purpose except helping you develop your third party program.
Are you HIPAA compliant?
We use VM Racks HIPAA/HITECH ACT Compliant hosting. This is much different than hosting you would purchase at GoDaddy type companies. In fact, GoDaddy doesn't even offer HIPAA compliant hosting. To be safe, always check with any service you need for HIPAA compliance. In the unlikely event of a hosting breach, VM Racks services will assist with the forms, data to secure and the processes required. Fortunately, since 2006 we have provided this service without the need of audit support, service changes and/or breach disclosure communications. We are secure.
If we ever decide to leave, can we have our information?
Yes. We are not a "data hostage" company. We are a fertility company and our world is too small to have a reputation that further shrinks our available market. The data hostage companies generally serve larger markets whereby a reputation is seldom heard by the next victim.
Can we export our data for analysis?
Yes. Our standard service provides an export of your information upon your request. Many companies do this to complete their own analysis. We recommend not keeping that capability active, since an employee would be able to download all your data and start his or her own competitive company.
Can we customize our application?
Absolutely. We provide you with a giant interface to create and edit your own application. (We will get your started). You can add, delete, edit questions in real-time without the need of a web developer. We recommend keeping this capability limited to 1 or 2 people so that changes to the application follow a communication protocol within your company.
Can we control what a recipient is able to see?
Yes. We have a simple checkbox system for each question that you want to make available to an online recipient to whom you have provided a password. In fact, our current customers often add questions that are not part of the application but only intended for the staff. These usually are interview notes, cycle results, eligibility tracking, internal steps of the process, etc.
Can the donors upload photos?
Yes. During the overall application, the last page can be activated to be a photo upload section. Once the photos are uploaded to their profile, you have the ability to edit, delete, include in slideshow or not, label as adult, choose a thumbnail photo for recipients, choose a thumbnail photo for admin, and more.
Can we integrate this into our site?
Our service helps you "dumb down" your hosting requirements by allowing you to put simple links on your site, perhaps behind a graphic, that communicates with our secure server. For example, you may have a link for "Start an Application" (which is really a prescreen application). When they click on it, they officially go to your prescreen application with your logo on our server. When they submit it, they go back to your site to a page that informs them about the next steps in your process. This back and forth takes place with recipient and donor login, recipient selections, etc. Our goal is for us to remain invisible.
What are the setup charges?
$0. The setup is included. We have default applications that you can review to get started, or you can provide us with your current application and we will do our best to duplicate it. We can only think of 1 customer in the last several years who ultimately wanted their exact application rather than building off of a default application. A fresh start is a fresh commitment from your current donor pool. Additionally, we didn't start this service with the intention of being an application expert, but when you are indirectly trained by so many great customers you tend to learn something along the way.
Can you import our current donors?
The official answer is "Yes, but we do not have a streamline process for mass photo import". The reality is that your current application will change because you will find significant benefits in rewording questions, but maintaining the same intent. For example, you may have questions like "Have you ever ...?" / Yes or No. Whereby in our system, they question may be, "When is the last time ...?" / Never, 1 year ago, 2-5 years ago, etc., and their answer does the work rather than you needed to read into all their "additional informations".
Does your program calculate age and BMI?
Yes. Their age is based on a birthday question and presented to recipients based on their current age (without showing their birthday). This way you are never at risk of presenting a 30 year old as 29. As for BMI, it does it for them behind the scenes but analyzing their height and weight. We chose not to provide a calculator to them to help you get more accurate answers, rather than helping them provide the eligible answers. You will find within our service that there are ways to phrase a question to limit the wiggle room within their answers.
Does your program determine their eligibility?
Yes, in many cases the prescreen can be configured to happen automatically. This is based on customized input that you provide at setup. We are not an eligibility determination company.. You are still the eligibility service, not us. For example, you likely have a minimum and maximum BMI. The system will determine eligibility based on the input you provide for this range. If any answer is finite in nature, each answer can be configured to Accept, Deny or Question. However, there are questions that are not finite in nature, especially in the family history sections. To Accept these answers which are usually not on the prescreen, it still requires a brain to interpret their responses.
Can you mass email from your program?
Yes. Email from our program goes through Amazon Web Services (behind the scenes) which helps authenticate legitimate email processes from spamming. The emails can come from your own domain name email address. Most ISP's (a persons access to the Internet for email), but not all ISP's, respect authentication services to improve delivery of mass emails, especially if they are generated from a website. Additionally, our service allows you to select donors and bulk email them with a custom message from your actual email address off of the system. All donor email addresses are put in BCC (Blind copy) for this method. ISP's today are regulating this based on data maximums, which is usually about 80-90 donors at a time. This is all part of the training on becoming more effective.
What other services does your system provide?
Statistics, Donor Referral Program, Recipient Registration, Participation Verification, Split Donor Management, Frozen Egg Management, Single Push Application to Egg Bank account, Personal Network Development (share donors with other companies if desired), Add Documents to Application, Document Storage, Add Google Analytic Scripts or other Advertising monitoring, and more. We support over 50% of all USA donors. If you are not using our service, you are falling behind.
How long does it take to setup everything?
It usually take 1-2 weeks to create the application, configure the application to your liking, configure the service to your liking, train your staff and integrate links into your site with your developer. Since this is such as customized service for you, the bulk of the time based on your availability. We have default applications we have created that we can provide to have you setup the same day if requested. As a trained, self-service product, much of timeline is up to you.
What's next?
There are always things we are developing. Our current list incudes: Mobile Prescreen (live example), more flexibility in making colors and fonts to match your site, an improved PDF, an "IVF Clinic" login to agency accounts that shows more information than standard recipients, a "Things to Do" section for workflow, and time sensitive admin notifications. When you pursue the impossible, there is not an end goal.

Service Support

Tech Support Answers

"I would like to donate. Who should I contact?"
We are a software development company for IVF Centers and Egg/Sperm/Surrogacy/Embryo Agencies. If you have questions about egg donation, surrogacy, embryo adoption, or sperm donation, please contact our customers. We don't know about compensation, qualifications, their processes, or answers to medical questions. We are a software development company providing technical support where appropriate.
"My password doesn't work."
If you completed a single page prescreen application, your password is likely temporarily disabled until the account approves you for the next step and gets back to you. If you have already applied and been denied or deleted, then the account already has your profile. If it is taking you too long to complete your application, they account may have "deleted" your profile. If your situation has changed, contact the account to reactivate your profile. They can do so even if it has been "deleted". Regardless of your password issue, you will need to contact the company to whom you are applying. We are the tech support and cannot provide you access to their accounts.
"It won't advance to the next page."
If you are completing the application on an older phone or you are pushing your phone's memory limitations, you may have too little memory on your phone to load the next page, or send the information on the current page. This can also happen on older laptops or tablets. Google "how to clear your cache memory on {your device}" and clear your cache memory to create more working space on your device. Please consider using a real computer.
"It keeps kicking me out."
The main reason why one may get kicked out is because of the answer just above. Another reason is related to heightened security protocols that run on our secure server. If anything is identified as a risk, the user will be kicked out. This is usually related to usernames and passwords, or doing something that is not the traditional way of doing things online.
It is not saving my information."
See "It won't advance to the next page." above ... same answer. Additionally, try saving your work more frequently by advancing to the next page and going back. Lastly, if you are using cut and paste to complete the application, some questions have limitations of 250 characters, while others go up to 1000. It will not save the page if a question has gone over the limit through cut and paste.
"When will I hear back from them?"
Each customer of ours has their own processes to evaluate applications. Some are same day, while others take longer. There is the possibility they did get back to you and the email went to your spam filters.

Tech Support Contact Form

(We are the software company and cannot provide password assistance.)

Contact your fertility center or agency for password access.

(We are the software company and cannot provide password assistance.)

Support Form (Not for Password Access)

Contact your fertility center or agency for password access.

About Us since 1997

In 1997, we started "". This led to some IVF leads for our customers, but ultimately the Internet determined that we are a 3rd party Reproductive recruiting service. As a result, many egg donor leads were generated by our services.

In 2006, we received a call from a customer in Phoenix who basically said, "You are sending us plenty of egg donor leads, can you develop something to help us organize them?". As a result, we developed our current flagship product, which is a clear market leader in the field of third party reproductive software.